Recursion in elixir

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I am new to elixir, and I find this interesting at the time of writing, I am coming from NodeJs :) The major ingredients of recursion are: An exercise to perform repeatedly, A condition to break off the repeated exercise Lets say we want to write a function that will return building identifiers where restaurants have not yet closed. The first argument is the current hour as integer, the second argument is the current minute as integer, the third argument is the list of restaurants containing; the name of the canteen, building identifier, closing hour, closing minute. Read More...

Elixir capture(&) command

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I intend to explain the usage of the capture (&) command in elixir for newbies like myself, base on my understanding at this point :). It is barely 2 weeks since I started writing elixir as at the writing of this post, coming from node.js. The first time I came across the syntax below, I wondered what the f**k is happening here, but I after a while I grab it, thanks to google. Read More...